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I tested Yotelair CDG, a capsule hotel in the Parisian airport

Demand was growing. Finally Yotelair fulfilled the wish of frequent travelers: a capsule hotel in Charles de Gaulle airport, Paris.


What is Yotelair ?

Well this is a capsule hotel, directly located within Charles de Gaulle airport, in the international area – in other words, for passengers who are in transit.

Personally, I like the atmosphere of that place: it’s a microcosm in the airport!

Take a look at my Snapchat story, I’m showing you around!


A better experience for transit passengers

Who said airport was boring? Well, unless you’re lucky to fly business and you have access to the airlines’ lounges, waiting at the airport can be quite long, especially when you are on a business trip. Believe me, I can relate … jet lag, meetings, meetings, meetings, quest for wifi connectivity to be able to work while traveling, need to properly unwind… because it just never stops!
Precisely, a hotel IN the airport is a good alternative to be able to rest. It removes the hassle of arriving at your final destination -or coming back home- exhausted.


Besides – talking about experience in the airport, I’m happy to share some tips if you fly via CDG:

• There is a Michelin starred restaurant in the airport: “I Love Paris”, by Chef Guy Martin. The food is great, you can count on a few notes of originality as well as on traditional dishes for more conservative gourmets.
• Take advantage of your visit to terminal 2, Hall M, to taste great wines and buy them at duty free costs. I had nice champagne and cognac 😉
• Pass by the art gallery: the airport hosts several exhibitions every year. When I was there, porcelain of the museum of Sevres was exhibited, and since January 2017 it is Picasso.

Paris CDG airport in key figures:

• Second European airport after London Heathrow
• Air France hub
• 50% customers of the airport are Air France passengers
• By 2015, CDG welcomed 65.8 million passengers
• 1 passenger out of 4 (25%) is on a connecting flight.

The terminals:
• Creation of Terminal 1 in 1974. It mainly hosts Star Alliance airlines.

• Terminal 3 is mainly dedicated to low cost airlines (LCC)

• Terminal 2 is our focus for this article!


In Terminal 2 Hall M: you will find Instant Paris lounge, and Yotelair CDG.

Few key information about Yotelair CDG:
• Opened in November 2016
• 68 premium rooms, 8 family rooms, 4 rooms accessible to persons with reduced mobility
• 4 showers
• Public areas: plugs everywhere, comfortable designer chairs / sofas, co-working space with a long table and nice amenities.
Who is eligible to book at Yotelair CCG?

Passengers with a a connection of minimum 3 hours between 2 flights can book.

Minimum booking is 4 hours: 59 euros/cabin. Price goes from 99 euros/night.

Did you know that…
CDG airport welcomes 22000 connecting flights every week. To reach the hotels located near the airport, you can take you up to 40 minutes with public transport.

The room : what does a capsule hotel look like ?

Do not expect to stay in a palace! After all, the idea is not to settle for days, but rather to take a comfortable break in the middle of your journey. And frankly, the job is done! The style of the cabin is modern although compact.

This is what the chain calls “smart design”: you have just what you need for a few hours.



Zoom for Business Travel Professionals

It is a fact, organisations tend to put savings as top priority as part of their travel policies. Connecting flights enable them to save costs (vs. direct flights). But that is the point of view of the buyer / travel manager who will look at reducing costs. This has an impact on the travellers’ wear and tear, and by extension on their productivity and their well-being.

Maybe an option like Yotelair is a nice compromise to balance costs while offering travellers a comfy break in the middle of their journey.


In a nutshell… What I particularly liked

The atmosphere of the place – First of all, the warm atmosphere of Instant Paris lounge – in a decor inspired by Haussmann. The library, and a great animated decoration featuring the Eiffel Tower – Fun fact : she (yes, it’s the Iron Lady !) sparkles at the exact same time as the real one 😉



I liked the co-working areas… Gen Yers usually like that, don’t we ? 😉 The design is well thought.



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Ksenia Klykova

March 23, 2017

Wooo, that actually looks great :D I stayed in a capsule hotel for the first time just a few days ago, in Tokio. I was expecting it to be a little bit claustrophobic, but it was actually one of the highlights of the trip. Very modern and comfortable.

PS: Also, just wanted to say hi. I joined the Sam team recently (will be doing a little bit of marketing), and they told me you are a huge Sam fan ;) So I've been exploring a little bit. Hope it's ok :D Cheers!


April 17, 2017

Hi Ksenia, wow a capsule hotel in Tokyo sounds like a great experience! Don't hesitate to share pictures, I'm curious to hear more about this! :-)

PS: very nice to e-meet you! Indeed I am a huge Sam fan ;-) It's all good, feel free to explore, and I am happy to chat! :D Cheers!!

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